Loading Bar – Stoke Newington High Street Claimed


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No matter the location, Loading will always be a welcoming space, full of free-to-play games, the latest consoles, fresh ground coffee, our signature cocktails, big-screen entertainment and events covering everything from small meet-ups to triple-A game launches. We offer our customers hundreds of board games and video games for free.

Based on Stoke Newington High Street we’ve got a revamped board game selection, updated consoles and a host of visual upgrades.

Tech Specs

  • 80+ Board Games
  • Xbox One X
  • PS4
  • N64
  • 3x Nintendo Switch
  • Crazy Taxi Arcade
  • Point Blank 2 Arcade
  • 18 Wheeler Arcade
  • Donkey Kong Arcade
  • Judge Dredd Pinball
  • Table Football


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