Sidequest Hub – Leicester

Side Quest Buff Is Real

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Established in London in 2022, SideQuest is the gaming hub destination for every type of gamer. Our goal is to create an enjoyable space for everyone that enjoys gaming – by providing spaces to play, events to take part in, and opportunities to grab some food & drink and make new friends and grow gaming communities.

Whether you enjoy meeting new players, playing with your squad, watching the latest Esport championships, taking part in intense sports games on consoles, meeting your favourite streamer, going on a tabletop adventure with friends or even just enjoying games on your own with our high-end gaming stations, our goal is to provide you with that experience.

While in our hubs you will be able to experience enjoying a selection of food and drink from hot food to snacks from bubble tea to energy drinks providing a space for you to enjoy your time with us.

Our unique hub setup also means that you will be able to try out our range of gaming peripherals and hardware which you can purchase directly from our hubs, or order online through our website and app. Get hands-on experience with the latest gaming mice, keyboards, headsets and more to help you decide which one you want for your home setup.

When we say “PLAY YOUR WAY” – we believe this is the core of what makes our SideQuest hubs the place to experience your own gaming SideQuest.