V-Hive by Team Vitality

The place for the Team Vitality fans

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400m² in the heart of Paris dedicated to esports and Team Vitality You can now see the bee shining through the windows of our HQ at 102 Boulevard de Sébastopol in Paris.

In addition to housing the offices of Team Vitality, V.Hive is a cybercafe, a café, and a store:

V. Play: to share the passion for video gaming on high-end equipment.

V. Cafe: because it’s also a living space, a café area has been designed to take a break between games and watch matches.

V. Shop: discover our products in our store and redo your wardrobe in Vitality colours.

V. Bootcamp: a training space for our players, which you can also privatize.

V.Hive is also an event space dedicated to hosting masterclasses, conferences, presentation evenings, tournament events, and a meeting place with our community to share our love of esports with as many people as possible.